Do you use a condom for sex?

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Don't leave home without it :-)!
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At 67yrs I often wonder what might have been had my friends in my 20's 30's
know how to survive "the Gay Plague" in short, what could have they become.
The use of a condom can stop all the pain and suffering of loosing a loved one.
It also stops the pain and suffering from the disease to
ones self.. BB's say "oh! it feels
so natural without a condom "WAIT" to see how natural it feels without the
medication for Aids...
If I'm not mistaken whether the partner is one's own boyfriend or not is not relevant to distribution of HIV. I might be wrong, but please do the homework on it. It's no trouble really, a couple pages down Wikipedia and medical journals. Afterwards you'll hopefully have the answer to "You don't need it, right?"