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19 Jul 2019

More than 80% of lesbian, bi and trans people face violence in Cambodia

One of the first ever investigations into the family violence experienced by LBT people in Cambodia revealed shocking statistics.

>Family violence is the harshest form of violence LBT people face in Cambodia and forced marriages and violence at the hands of family members are just some of the traumas faced by lesbian and bi women and trans men. Cambodia’s leading LGBT group, Rainbow Community Kampuchea (RoCK), found 81% of LBT people face emotional violence from family. The study also found 10% of respondents had experienced sexual violence, usually because of forced marriages. It also revealed 35% of LBT people below 35 years old have contemplated or attempted suicide. The reason given was their family’s negative attitude to their sexuality and/or gender identity.

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1. 2019-07-21 03:00  
well well well, yet ANOTHER backwards overtly traditional stone aged asian country that won't ever get it's shit together, just like the Philippines, honey .. what a lousy awful shame
回應#2於於2019-07-21 15:51被作者刪除。
3. 2019-07-21 16:27  
If there will be World WAR 3, what what about?
- WAR man vs man
- WAR man vs woman
- WAR woman vs woman for sake of woman emancipation?
4. 2019-07-21 20:24  
@osongbosong - I really wonder why you nearly always make such silly comments bordering on the utterly stupid. I suppose you do not recall that Cambodia went through a war initiated illegally by the United States, a war that devastated much of the country and created the political vacuum that led directly to the rise to power of the Khmer Rouge. And that led directly to the genocide of 1.5 million plus Cambodians and some of the worst atrocities seen in the 20th century. If you are so ignorant you do not know about Cambodian history, read the true story "The Gate" by Francois Bizot. It's available on amazon. I defy you not to cry as you read.

Having been closed from the world for several years, it finally opened to outside observers only when the Vietnamese moved in and fought the Khmer Rouge back into the jungle. But then the UN and other aid workers who flooded in to help this poor and desperate people brought with them the HIV virus. So the Cambodians were hit by three devastating disasters. And you have the gall to compare them to Filipinos? Shame on you! What similar disasters hit The Philippines between the 1960s and 1980s. Nothing whatsoever!

Then you have the temerity and total ignorance to call these lovely people "stone-aged"! That is an utter disgrace of the worst kind! Yes, I know. You called the country stone-aged and not the people. But the fact is you cannot divorce one from the other.

Shame on you! And shame again! I say again loudly, clearly and unashamedly: making such a comment is a disgrace.
修改於2019-07-21 20:27:00
5. 2019-07-21 20:25  
@botwildfck - your inane comments are utterly ridiculous.
6. 2019-07-22 12:54  
@botwildfck - it will probably be between men vs robots or men vs aliens, but I don't know what the genders of the robots/aliens will be.
7. 2019-07-22 13:26  
Congratulations @hylander. You understood the nonsense written by botwildfck. I had no clue!
8. 2019-07-22 20:35  
war :man vs man is ancient
9. 2019-07-22 21:31  
robot has not emotion




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