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For members who are united by a common cause.
Gay men & Woman Looking to incorporate and discuss alternative ways from the mainstream 'dated queer political mainstream' to create wonderful new realities and attract better out comes collectively
for people who like to be naked on beach, in moutain, in garden or at their own balconies or at home...
Friends in the city of Suzhou or near Suzhou can carry out any entertainment activity like KTV, travelling, or any others
A community where bloggers interact, share information and connect with other bloggers.
Dearest ex Bitch Club Members, We are putting all of our effort to keep in touch with the ex-members and trying to revive the fun we used to have. This tribe created has given us a chance to somehow having a link with each other. Please do leave some traces so we get to know how are you doing since the last Bitch Club Dismissed on year 2006. Your Vice President With Love, Carmenjun
All gay guys of GZ are invited to join. We have agenda for every weekend to spend together either eating out, shopping, traveling, hiking, playing sports, working out or simply hanging out together and organizing home parties...
For those who enjoy the freedom of not having to wear clothes. For those who like to be naked at the beach, hiking, swimming (skinny dipping), jogging or running (streaking), while socializing with friends, while at parties, in the great outdoors, at resorts or at home all without any clothes on. For many nudists being naked is not automatically associated with sex. It is the enjoyment of he feeling of freedom of movement without the restriction of clothing as well as the feeling of being accepted for who one is among other nudists. Without clothing there is little or no reference for status or class or judgments, which creates a feeling of greater acceptance. Use this tribe to find other nudists and to find venues to practice nudism, such as beaches, State and/or National parks that don't have laws against nudity or nudist resorts and nudist organizations such as CMEN (California Men Enjoying Nudism), OMEN (Oregon Men Enjoying Naturism) and LANG (Los Angeles Nude Guys). Place your local nudist groups into the Fridae Directory. NOTE: The name of the group was a typo. It should be "Nudists and Naturist Network." but Fridae doesn't allow name changes.
Fridae Group for Fugly's Friends. www.fuglyfarter.net Steve "aka" Fugly Farter considers his friends, not just friends but his Internet Family.
aSmallWorld is an online social network service similar to Facebook and LinkedIn. Dubbed "Snobster" by critics, it is an exclusive invitation-only network with roughly 550,000 members. aSmallWorld shares many features with other social network services, such as profiles, an event calendar, and private messaging. Unlike most other such services, aSmallWorld allows users to list multiple cities as their location of residence. aSmallWorld offers 70 detailed "city guides" written by its members detailing and rating high-quality clubs, bars and restaurants Members can also buy and sell items, find executive talent and business partners, rent property, and find flatmates using aSmallWorld's private forums. Members According to Erik Wachtmeister, "members are people with large personal networks, frequent travel and highly active personally." Most aSmallWorld users come from European countries, but over the past three years emphasis has shifted to the US, in line with the company's relocation to New York and the staff hiring spree in 2006 and 2007 in that city. London, New York and Paris are the top three cities of residence. The founder has been quoted as stating that 20% of current members have the right to invite others. According to the founder, aSmallWorld keeps "track of people's behavior and we actually do kick people out." Members who don't follow the site's code of conduct may result in internal exile to "aBigWorld". Typical infractions would be creating fake profiles, using profane language, using the site for self promotion, or excessively connecting with or contacting other members without knowing them. aSmallWorld has enrolled over 500,000 members since its launch. The expansion of the membership base has consistently increased by 70% annually since 2005. aBigWorld aSmallWorld is patrolled regularly for suspicious activity or members who are not closely connected enough to its main userbase. Problematic users are immediately exiled to a separate network called aBigWorld; when exiled users log in, they will find that the color scheme of the website has changed from blue to green, and they no longer have access to aSmallWorld profiles or forum posts.
The unic "aSW" gay, the princip is similar as aSmallworld but only for mens CosmoCircle is a private worldwide social and business network which is only accessible to invited members (we suppose maybe it is discreetly, essentially for gays men too ;) but professionally supposed in "high level"). CosmoCircle is a private online community for open-minded cosmopolitans who are interested in networking, finding like-minded people and cultivating friendships worldwide. We seek to create a high quality network of people who share a common outlook on life, and are professional and driven in their respective fields. Our members are individuals who understand how to nurture existing friendships and contacts, and are looking to expand their social and business horizons. At CosmoCircle we strive to create an environment of civility, honesty, and respect. Personal representation on the site is honest and tasteful, recommendations are reliable, and the connections available are real and meaningful. The CosmoCircle community offers networking opportunities for travel, events, meeting quality people, and much more.
Fellow members of Second Life (www.secondlife.com)
this is for gay guys, who live in Mongolia
Tribe for chubs, bears, chasers, admirers, and all our allies in Malaysia. Everybody is welcome with big bear hugs!



建立於: 2010-03-03

成員總數: 296


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