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Thank you for your feedback about Fridae's photo policy

This is to respond to the feedback we've received following our Mar 27, 2012 announcement concerning Fridae's revised photo policy guidelines:

We want to thank everyone for your continuous feedback, whether sent to us privately or posted on the website (although all further comments from now should be directed here). We value your feedback and we would like to further clarify the background to our recent announcement on the photo policy. 

Since Fridae started in 2001, the user agreement has disallowed members from uploading "obscene" and/or "pornographic" images to the website. There has been no change to that policy and recent announcements were a reminder to members of Fridae's ongoing policy. The reasons for this reminder to members are: 

Fridae's goals, direction and product enhancements

Fridae is committed to building a platform that supports its core objective of empowering LGBT Asia and including all members of that community. We want to be respectful of the different sections of that community whilst at the same time developing enhancements to our dating site. One of the key developments that many members have called for is a mobile application and we are very excited about the launch of our Iphone application this quarter. In light of this new mobile app, members who are familiar with other mobile apps already know, mobile apps must comply with the rules set by various platforms (such as the Apple store) for the app to be distributed. We believe our policy is in line with other products having a mobile application. 

Going forward, Fridae expects to work with advertisers and partners, many of whom have guidelines concerning content that contain nudity and sexually explicit content. Images used in other sections of the website including News, Lifestyle, Agenda and Shop, etc are subjected to their respective guidelines as determined by Fridae. We believe that the LGBT community in Asia will benefit from Fridae being able to support community activities and sponsorship of such events.

Respectful environment for all

As Fridae is a LGBT website, we are committed to providing all members – be they lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender – a respectful and comfortable environment. We believe that Fridae is much more than just a dating site and whilst we still want to be the best dating site in Asia, we want to balance this with our community work and providing our members with a high quality news and information service. Additionally, Fridae is accessed by users in over 150 countries and in many of them, it is illegal for nude / sexually explicit /pornographic images to be publicly displayed on a website. 

We believe this to be a step in the right direction to build a premier and respected LGBT platform, and we hope that you will support this endeavour. 

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