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1 Mar 2017

Watch: Gay Indonesian Film ’ABID’

Abid, a short film from Indonesia, tells the story of a young gay man in Jakarta who's struggling with his sexuality and spirituality, as he tries to deny the temptations of online dating.

Abid tells the story of Farhan, a young introvert guy who has been struggling with his sexuality and spirituality, who had a crush on his new neighbour.

The experience made him question about being what he wants and what his God wants. Director Fachri Al Jupri answered some questions on the 20-minute film.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I studied digital animation at International Design School Jakarta. I started to produce, write and direct movies after I graduated in 2016.

What is the inspiration behind Farhan’s story?

My inspirations come from my experiences most of the time, including Farhan’s story.

Would love to hear your thoughts about why you chose not to include any dialogue in this film.

I just think it’s relaxing sometimes to follow someone’s life and try to understand it visually.

To make it clearer for the viewer, could you describe the motivations behind using a photo of bloody innards as a masturbation aid at 16:24?

Farhan was following the method he got from the religious man, which told him that, every time he is horny he should try to think about a girl, but if it doesn’t work he should think about a guy, and something disgusting at the same time. He said if he does that regularly, he’ll be able to think that guys are disgusting.

Explaining film titles are a bit of a chore, but I hope you don’t mind sharing what the film title ‘Abid’ means!

It’s an Arabic word which means worshipper.

Could you tell us why you decided on your ending, where after the viewer assumes Farhan had returned to the righteous path, he is placed with another attractive young boy waiting for the elevator - and after the credits roll?

It just shows that even after he returned to the righteous path, his desire for guys (especially for that guy) was still in him.

Watch a trailer below or the whole film here: https://www.viddsee.com/video/abid/j2mey 







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