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Remind myself...

james831aj - 一日前

2 October 2023 Monday 14:51 p.m. Sunny

Last night, I had a nightmare. I woke up with a heavy heart.

I want to remind myself (and others), that we should cherish every moment in life.

Don't pass remarks based on your judgement. You don't know the rationale.

If mum wears a dress which looks shabby, just know that that dress could be her favourite, comfortable and pretty dress. Appreciate her choice and praise her for her effort.

If mum brings her collection of bags when you bring her out, know that she has no opportunity to showcase her collections. This outing means much to her, that's why she wants to show-off her bags. You may think it is weird, funny or even a disgrace; to her, she is excited and eager to show others what she has.

If you think giving a little allowance, or worse still, leave mum to the caregiver, then you are just ignorant and insincere. Your presence is what she Hope's for. A meal with her per week could make her whole week of joy and longing for the "Big" day.

Spend time with mum (or a senior person) whenever you can. Being with her brings joy and good memories to both of you. 

I thank God for giving me this wisdom, for I will cherish every moment with my beloved mum. ❤



Spiderman blue suit, handsome or sexy or nobody

hugu - 一日前



It's not a bad idea that you still have someone to think of.


Man from Uncool and the Big Bite of Eternity

Bland1 - 一日前



末班车 - 萧煌奇

BB23 - 6日內

空着手 犹如你来的时候

紧皱的额头 终于再没有苦痛

走得太累了 眼皮难免会沉重

你没错 是应该回家坐坐


鸣笛声 悄悄地刺进耳朵

这一次挥手 恐怕再没机会问候

最后一遍了 换你躲进我双肘

像靠在 曾摇动我的天空


别说话 泪水你别带走

镜子里的我 已留下你 轮廓上的笑容

别回眸 末班车要开了

你不过先走 深爱是让不舍离开的人 好好走


鸣笛声 悄悄地刺进耳朵

这一次挥手 恐怕再没机会问候

最后一遍了 换你躲进我双肘

像靠在 曾摇动我的天空


别说话 泪水你别带走

镜子里的我 已留下你 轮廓上的笑容

别回眸 末班车要开了

你不过先走 深爱是让不舍离开的人 好好走


别牵挂 约好我们再见

散步的午后 要像从前 再挽着手叙旧

别逗留 末班车要开了

路到了尽头 回头是为永留心口的人 好好走


This is Me

Crazilicious - 一個星期前

This is Me

It took awhile but I found Me. I am a creative creature...words, music, colours, art, blah, blab...you get the drift. Love Nature...being by the sea is my sweet escape. You will find me there amongst locals downing coconut juice, seafood, swimming, kayaking when the sea is still, sunrises/sunsets, day/night fishing, blah, blab...haha. I am chill person, happy with my lot but always dreaming...yes, I am a dreamer but feet planted in reality.

I live passionately daily with a happy beating heart, free smiles, teasing constantly... recharge and relive. I am one of those with a sweet/kind/positive personality even when challenged with toxic nonsense. Stay quiet and don't add to fan and fume trouble...haha. When being nice always means arrows will come my way. Getting injured...is ok but steer clear of menace is better.

I will make simple things fun. I am always turning the mundane into adventure. I have a kid trapped inside me...haha. Always ready to pounce on new stuff to keep my brain in top gear... intelligent...yes I am.

I am a fool for love. I understand the faceted cuts to make love shine like a brilliant diamond. I felt the honing, it only makes me wiser. But I will always be a fool for love. Love's complexity is humanity's elixir and my journey to grasp more of her intensity.

Lastly, I never say die but fight to the end, all wounded but still standing...till breadth leaves me. My stance for love is just love...give the best of me till it all runs out




Unmotivating Profiles.

CrazyBo28 - 2個星期前

Dear people,

I am not motivated to message you because I am "unmotivated".

What would motivate me to greet you, is what you are not sharing in your profile.

The information is insufficient, and that's why I am not motivated to reach out to you.

That's it.

That's the whole blog topic.


Makes no sense

CrazyBo28 - 2個星期前

FRIDAE claims:  Fridae Personals is the place to meet, chat, interact, and flirt with other LGBT people in Asia. Fridae is the place for you to find Asia gay personals and is renowned as the place for Asian gay dating.

ALSO FRIDAE:  Rule:   "No overt solicitation for sex" in profiles:  (Gay people shall not be allowed to have an interest in seeking sexual experiences with other gay people.)   

ALSO FRIDAE:   Rule:    "No descriptions of sexual activity in profiles" -    (Gay people shall not express what they sexually enjoy or need.)

ALSO FRIDAE:   "No descriptions of anatomy"  -   (Gay people shall not express pride or honesty about their male anatomy that could appeal to other gay people.)


I really suspect that this site is run by the Straight People ! ! ! ! 


Oral Sex Poem

CrazyBo28 - 2個星期前

If you are in the mood to unzip and poke, 

then you are welcomed to be that Bloke, 

No problem if it's not yet awoke,

As I know how to make it stronger than oak.

You'll know when U feel my lips, this is no joke, 

and you may make a moan as you feel my oral stroke,

And then you climax and my throat you will soak.


I wish I could experience a fun and horny Topper,

but alas, I'm in the USA now, and in hopes of finding such a hot erotic pal.  I have light brown hair and blue eyes.  I like to have fun, use my tongue and mouth and invite pleasure to go inside my bottom.  I have such a horny hole for you.  I like to fondle and massage an erection, show it love with the juiciness of my mouth, and entertain him in my squeezing ass.  It thrills me to give pleasure and cause orgasms.  Do you enjoy and need sex, too?  I'm not concerned about age or body type or religion or native language, because I have discovered hot men may exist from every category.  I would like to hear from you, so please send me a yahuu !  I love emails expressing passionate desire, hot horniness, photos of full stiffness, as well as porn.  I want to be friends with those who enjoy letting their spermies flow by my stimulating treatment.  Let it squirt !


On my not drinking on Saturdays

nobusik - 2個星期前

Mi ne trinkas alkoholon sabate. Ne ekzistas ia regulo en la preĝejo. Tamen, ĉe mia preĝejo, vi ne rajtas manĝi aŭ trinki ion ajn ekde sabata noktomezo antaŭ ricevi la Sanktan Komunion. Post kiam mi vekiĝas matene, mi ne trinkas eĉ guton da akvo ĝis mi ricevas la Sanktan Komunion.

Aŭskultinte ĝin unufoje, mi volas, ke oni komprenu ĝin kaj ne plu daŭrigu ĝin.

Sabatoj, mia koramiko, kiu loĝas ĉe mi, ofte diras, ``Nobu-san, vi ne povas trinki sabate, ĉu ne?'' kun malŝata mieno sur la vizaĝo.

Mi ne bezonas tian premon.

Por mi, ne estas ke mi ne povas trinki alkoholon, sed prefere ke mi ne trinkas ĝin laŭvole. Ĉiudimanĉe matene, mi kantas en la koruso dum pli ol du horoj sen trinki eĉ guton da akvo. En tiu tempo, se mi estus trinkinta la antaŭan tagon aŭ vesperon, mi ne povus kanti alte, kaj estus malfacile kanti.

Vere, estus pli bone se li komprenus post kiam io estas dirita kaj li ne farus strangan premon.


I don't drink alcohol on Saturdays. There's no particular rule in the church. However, at my church, you are not allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight before receiving Holy Communion. After I wake up in the morning, I don't drink a drop of water until I receive Holy Communion.

After listening to such an explanation once, I want you to understand it and not pursue it further.

On Saturdays, my boyfriend, who lives with me, often says, ``Nobu-san, you can't drink on Saturdays, right?'' with a grudging look on his face.

I don't need that kind of pressure.

For me, it's not that I can't drink alcohol, but rather that I don't drink it by choice. Every Sunday morning, I sing in the choir for over two hours without drinking a drop of water. At that time, if I had been drinking the day before, I would not be able to sing high, and it would be difficult to sing.

Really, it would be better if he would understand once something is said and not put any strange pressure.


Fight for what fights for you

PengChang - 2個星期前

Never force a relationship.

Sometimes it's better to move on, than to hold on to a person who doesn't understand who you truly are. Unfortunately there will be times where your absence will teach you what your presence cannot.

You need to stop breaking your own heart in trying to make a relationship work that clearly isn't meant to work to begin with. 

You can't force someone to genuinely care about you. You can't force someone to be faithful to you.You can't force someone to be the person you need them to be.

The truth is, sometimes the person you want the most is the same person you would be best without.

You have got to understand some things are meant to come into your life, just not meant to stay.

Everything that you do to show love, you have to be careful, not to lose yourself by trying to fix what should never been there in the first place. You can't get the relationship you need from someone who's not ready to reciprocate the love you give to them.

I know it's hard when you meet someone and your heart feels, that's the person you could spend an eternity with, and you start to accept that they are not that person you thought they needed to be.

And no matter how many times you cry yourself to sleep at night, you will eventually heal from your previous relationship and find the one you have always longed for. Your future will now bring an understanding of why things didn't work out in your previous relationships.

One thing I have learned throughout the years, is “It is better to be single than to be in a relationship settling for less.”

If they see you as an option, then they don't deserve to be a priority in your life. 

Take my advice and never chase someone who's not chasing you.


A drama queen

nobusik - 2個星期前

Mi hazarde eksciis, ke mia kunloĝanta koramiko estis dramreĝino hieraŭ. Estis mia naskiĝtago. Fine de la tago kaj antaŭ ol li enlitiĝis, li diris al mi "ĉi tio povus esti nia lasta naskiĝtago" kaj li mokis singultante. Ĝi estas vera. Unu aŭ ambaŭ el ni povus morti en jaro. Aŭ nia rilato eble ne daŭros ĝis unu jaro de nun. Do kio estas granda pri ĝi? Kiam mi ne reagis al ĝi, li diris "ĉu vi ignoras min?" kaj enlitiĝis.



I accidentally found out that my live-in boyfriend was a drama queen yesterday. It was my birthday. At the end of the day and before he was going to bed, he told me "this could be our last birthday" and he mocked sobbing. It is true. One or both of us could die in a year. Or our relationship may not last till a year from now. So what's biggie about it? When I didn't react to it, he said "are you ignoring me?" and went to bed.


outlet from the heart

prettysilly - 2個星期前
"There is a sacredness in tears.
They are not a mark of weakness, but of power.
They are messengers of overwhelming grief and of unspeakable love."
– Washington Irving 

18 Thousand Kilometres Apart

PengChang - 3個星期前

My love,

As I sit here in the quiet of the night, my thoughts are consumed by you. It's been two months since our paths crossed, two months of laughter, shared secrets, and a connection that I can't quite put into words. Yet, there's a distance between us that feels like a chasm, a void that I can't seem to bridge no matter how much I yearn to.

There are moments when I feel unwell, when the weight of the world seems too heavy to bear, and it's in those moments that I feel your absence the most. The miles that separate us stretch out like an endless desert, and I find myself lost in the vastness of it all. The reality of our situation sinks in, and I can't help but wonder if we're trying to grasp at a love that's just out of reach.

The thought of leaving you has crossed my mind more times than I care to admit. It's a thought that brings a sharp pain to my heart, a pain that's almost unbearable. But I can't help but wonder if it would be easier, if it would be kinder to both of us. The thought of letting go is daunting, but the thought of holding on to something that might never be is even more so.

Yet, despite all the doubts and fears, I can't ignore the way my heart leaps at the sound of your voice, the way my day brightens at the sight of your name on my screen. There's something about you that draws me in, something that makes me want to fight against all odds.

I don't know what the future holds for us, my love. I don't know if we'll be able to overcome the distance, the challenges that life throws our way. But I do know this - I care for you deeply, more deeply than I've cared for anyone in a long time. And that, in itself, is worth fighting for.

With all my heart



prettysilly - 4個星期前

妳又何苦逼自己 面对伤痕


感情的付出 不是真心就会有结果
别问怎么做 爱才能长久


注定 伤得比较久

爱若变成了刺 思念也成了痴

josclint08 - 一個月前

I'm looking for long term relationship of my life and good person kind love love to each other 💗



prettysilly - 一個月前

真的我 别被妳看到


忘记了拥抱 忘记了微笑
是谁的怀抱 是谁在苦笑
抱歉是我 傻得可以
是我 不好

记忆的拼图 没有真心 拼凑不了
幸福的城堡 跌跌撞撞 才能看的到



kaye714 - 一個月前



Love yourself

PengChang - 一個月前

"I have come to a decision, one that is not easy for me to make or express. It's not that my love for you has diminished, nor is it that I no longer wish to be a part of your life. My affection for you remains as strong as ever, and the desire to share my thoughts, my dreams, and my everyday life with you is still very much alive within me.


However, I can't shake off this feeling that my presence, my words, my very existence seems to be an inconvenience to you. Each conversation feels like an intrusion, every shared moment feels like I'm overstepping a boundary. The joy that once filled our interactions seems to have been replaced by a sense of duty on your part, a burden that you reluctantly bear.


I don't want to be a burden to you, or anyone for that matter. I want our interactions to be a source of joy, not a chore. I want to be someone who adds value to your life, not someone who takes away from it. And so, it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to step back. Not because I want to, but because I feel it's what you want.


I hope that one day, things might change. That the warmth we once shared might return. But until then, I will keep my distance, not out of anger or resentment, but out of respect for your space and your feelings. Because I love you, and that means wanting what's best for you, even if it means stepping away."


I would like...

james831aj - 一個月前

20 August 2023  11:05 a.m.  Sunny Sunday 

I would like... is a poem I have created after watching the trailer for "Red, White & Royal Blue".

I would like you and I cuddling naked together every morning when we wake up.

I would like you to get horny while cuddling me and make passionate love to me.

I would like you to touch me everywhere as we eat breakfast together. 

I would like you to gently and slowly pull down my shorts as you hugged me tightly from behind.

I would like you to penetrate me from behind as we stand by the window admiring the scenery before us.

I would like you to shower with me, shampoo and soap each other, looking into each other's eyes with love and adoration. 

I would like to rest my head on your chest as we watch the evening news.

I would like you to cuddle me to sleep as we rest for the new day.

I would like to repeat all these routines with you for the rest of my life.

But... where are "you"?... I am waiting...



Analysis of Antibody Drug Conjugate market Strategies and Forecasts to 2035

Robertclarke - 一個月前

Driven by the success of 14 approved antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and a promising development pipeline, the field of antibody drug conjugates has gained significant traction in the last few years


Roots Analysis is pleased to announce the publication of its recent study, titled, Antibody Drug Conjugate Market (7th Edition) Market, 2023-2035.”


The market report presents an in-depth analysis, highlighting the capabilities of various stakeholders engaged in this domain, across different geographies. Amongst other elements, the report includes:

§  A detailed assessment of the market landscape of close to 400 antibody drug conjugates / ADC therapeutics that are either approved or being evaluated in different stages of development

§  An insightful competitiveness analysis of biological targets, featuring insightful pictorial summaries and representations.

§  Elaborate profiles of leading antibody drug conjugate companies (shortlisted based on sales revenue of 2022) and their respective product portfolios.

§  An in-depth analysis of completed, ongoing, and planned clinical studies of various antibody drug conjugates

§  An insightful analysis, highlighting the key opinion leaders (KOLs) investigating clinical trials related to antibody drug conjugates

§  An assessment of various therapeutics that are being evaluated in combination with antibody-drug conjugates.

§  A detailed analysis of partnerships established by stakeholders engaged in this industry, since 2014

§  An analysis of the various funding and investments made in the ADC domain, in the recent past

§  An in-depth analysis of the various patents that have been filed / granted related to antibody drug conjugates

§  A study of the various grants that have been awarded to research institutes engaged in conducting research related to antibody drug conjugates, since 2016

§  An elaborate discussion on commercialization strategies adopted by various drug developers for their respective products

§  An analysis of the key promotional strategies that have been adopted by the developers of marketed products

§  An insightful success protocol analysis of recently approved ADC therapeutics, based on several relevant parameters

§  An overview on of various conjugation and linker technologies along with their types that are presently being employed in the designing and development of antibody drug conjugates

§  An overview of the studies conducted to better analyze non-clinical data and support first-in-human (FIH) dose selection in antibody drug conjugates

§  An elaborate discussion on various factors that form the basis for the pricing of antibody drug conjugate products

§  A case study on manufacturing of antibody drug conjugates, highlighting the key challenges, and a list of contract service providers that are involved in the ADC market.

§  A case study on companies offering companion diagnostics that can potentially be used to make treatment related decisions involving antibody-drug conjugates

§  A discussion on affiliated trends, key drivers, and challenges, under a comprehensive SWOT framework, which are likely to impact the industry’s evolution

§  A detailed market forecast, featuring analysis of the current and projected future opportunity across key market segments (listed below)


§  Target Disease Indication

§  Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

§  Breast Cancer

§  B-Cell Lymphoma

§  Cervical Cancer

§  Gastric Cancer

§  Lung Cancer

§  Multiple Myeloma

§  Renal Cancer

§  Other Target Disease Indications


§  Therapeutic Area

§  Hematological Cancer

§  Solid Tumor


§  Linker

§  Hydrazone (4-(4-Acetylphenoxy) Butanoic Acid (Acbut)

§  Maleimide

§  Maleimidocaproyl

§  Succinimidyl-4-(N-Maleimidomethyl) Cyclohexane-1-Carboxylate

§  Tetrapeptide-Based Linker

§  Valine-Alanine

§  Valine-Citrulline

§  Other Linkers


§  Payload

§  DM1

§  DM4

§  Duocarmycin

§  Monomethyl auristatin E (MMAE)

§  Monomethyl auristatin F (MMAF)

§  Ozogamicin

§  SG3199

§  SN-38 / Irinotecan

§  Other Payloads


§  Target Antigen


§  CD19

§  CD22

§  CD30

§  CD79b


§  HER-2 (ERBB2)

§  Nectin 4

§  Tissue factor

§  TROP-2

§  Other Target Antigen


§  Key Geographical Regions

§  North America

§  Europe

§  Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World


Key companies covered in the report

§  ADC Therapeutics

§  Astellas Pharma

§  AstraZeneca

§  Byondis

§  Daiichi Sankyo

§  Genentech

§  Gilead Sciences

§  ImmunoGen

§  Pfizer

§  RemeGen


To view more details on this report, click on the link:


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