4 Nov 2020

Coronavirus-free Taiwan celebrates LGBT Pride

Celebrating its 18th year, the Pride in Taipei on Saturday 31 October is estimated to have attracted a crowd of 130,000, despite rules which prevented foreign visitors.

It was the biggest Pride to be held since the coronavirus pandemic forced hundreds of major LGBT+ events to cancel around the world.


This year's Taiwan Pride took its theme from a Chinese proverb, translating as ‘to support and help others fulfill their cherished dreams’ but also means adulthood beauty’ – a nod to the event’s age.  A Pride spokesperson said the theme embraced the many kinds of body-positive beauty and that society should embrace them all, whether short, tall, overweight, slim, masuline or feminine.


The theme also showcased a nation which has reached greater maturity over LGBT+ issues, with Taiwan legalising same-sex marriage in 2018 - and the battle for full equality goes on, with Pride Marchers demanded same-sex couples be allowed to adopt and access assisted reproduction services.


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