4 Jul 2017

Millennial MSM Lead New HIV Infections in The Philippines

Philippines’ Department of Health reports  629 new diagnosis in April 2017, 343 were main who had sex with men.

Philippines’ Department of Health highlighted the number of millennials and men who have sex with men (MSM) who contracted HIV in April 2017.

Of the 609 who acquired the virus through sexual contact, 343 or more than half are men who have sex with men.

Out of 629 new diagnosis, more than 80 percent or 513 were between 15 and 34.

"These figures are clear proof our country needs better education of the Filipino youth on how they care for their sexual health," said Aangat Tayo Party-list Representative Neil Abayon, according to CNN.

Local HIV prevention advocacy group The Red Whistle said young people face difficulties getting tasted.

The Red Whistle Ambassador Anthony explained that younger people needed parental consent to get tested.

"It is important because you want to desensitise the youth that it's okay to talk about sex, it's okay if you're engaging in it," he said. "But (they need to know) there are these options and there are these risks that you are facing right now."