9 Mar 2017


‘One day, all that will matter is that I’m the best that this country has ever seen’

March sees the online launch of the eagerly anticipated short, WONDERKID. A film by Rhys Chapman, which tackles one of football’s biggest issues – homophobia. Starring Chris Mason, and Sky Sports’ very own Martin Tyler, Alan Smith and Geoff Shreeves, the film depicts the inner turmoil of a gay professional footballer as he strives to succeed as his true self in a hyper masculine environment.

WONDERKID is an expressive, vital and powerful activist film. Following the successful television debut of the film on Sky Sports 1HD in November 2016, the film will now be available online for free. The film will be available via WONDERKID website at www.wonderkidfilm.co.uk/watch from Tuesday 7th March 2017, with the aim of reaching as many people as possible and in order to stimulate discussion around this topic.

The film is part of a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about a lack of openly gay professionals in the sport and the core message of the film is that it is ok to be yourself.


After earning a dream move to a London Premier League club, ‘WONDERKID’ should be on top of the world. The reality? He’s faced with callous friends, a hostile changing room, vitriol-filled messages on social media and, crucially, WONDERKID’s having to deal with himself. The film highlights the key issue - why should his sexuality be an issue?

United Kingdom