2 Aug 2016

Academics petition court to criminalize homosexual acts in Indonesia

A group of 12 academics want homosexual acts to be punishable by 5 years in jail

Although the wave of anti-LGBT feelings that gripped Indonesia earlier this year has largely subsided, a group of academics from the group Aliansi Cinta Keluarga (Family Love Alliance) are determined to criminalize same-sex sex acts by petitioning the country’s highest court.

The group approached Indonesia’s Constitutional Court with three expert witnesses who denounced homosexuality as immoral and against the country’s founding principles.

A Dr Dewi Inong asked the judges: “Are relations through the rectum a part of civilized humanity? It is a dirty thing and [now] we must recognize it as a human right. Is that normal?" according to news site Detik.

Inong also blamed homosexual acts for HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases.

Despite some very worrying comments made by the government against Indonesia’s LGBT, same-sex relations remain legal in the country, unlike neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia.