12 Jan 2016

Taiwan's Enno Cheng leaves husband and comes out as a lesbian

The Taiwanese musician and actress announces divorce and reveals her sexuality in a Facebook post.

In a long and revealing Facebook post Enno Cheng told fans about her marriage to Fire Extinguishers bandmate Sam Yang and the truth about her sexual orientation. The post has been shared over 90,000 times.

Cheng and Yang were married in 2013 but Cheng explained that the marriage fell apart last year. She said that they remain important life partners.

'In the nine years that I have known Sam, I have always loved him deeply. Sam has a great heart, and has shown me unconditional understanding and tolerance, and this has not changed until today,' she wrote.

Cheng went on to explain that 'the fact is I cannot love his body. This is not his fault, but is because I like women's bodies,' and that she had always been ttracted to girls with both feminine and boyish qualities.