10 Jun 2015

Thai university's dress code accommodates transgender students

Bangkok University releases new guidelines for uniforms that accommodates transgenders

The prestigious Bangkok University released new guidelines on uniform on Monday. School uniforms are common amongst the country's higher education institutions, but this is the first to formally introduce option for transponders.

In a Facebook post the university released two images of clothing options for 'tomboy' and 'ladyboy.' The post was met with a a hugely positive response from students and the wider LGBT community.

"Here’s the uniform for alternative genders," the post read. "We, the School of Fine and Applied Arts has an open view on sexuality, but let’s dress appropriately to follow the rules."

Nok Yollada, president of the Transgender Female Association of Thailand, was “glad to hear that this university lets the students choose the uniform which fits their desire and their gender,”according to the BBC.

Transgender students across the country commonly mix and match elements from official uniforms to align with their chosen gender or stage of transition. However, Bangkok University is among the first institutions to formalize a transgender dress code.

Transwomen, often  known as 'Ladyboys' have a high profile in Thai society, especially in the entertainment field. Some places in Thailand, including high schools, have introduced third gender public toilets.